PD Capture - BINO Kit

Vörunr: CBIN-1

Verð: 9.900 ISK Turn your Capture clip into the world’s best binocular holster. BINO Kit contains a die-cast aluminum adapter that lets you rigidly carry any pair of binoculars directly in your Capture clip. Never again worry about your binos swinging into harm’s way.

buy real alprazolam Note: This item requires the Capture or CapturePRO. It is not a stand-alone product. If you don’t own Capture, we recommend getting CaptureBINO, which contains a Capture clip and BINO Kit.

NAKED WEIGHT –  1.6 oz (44 g)
NAKED DIMENSIONS – 2.9 in (7.4 cm) x 1.5 in (3.8 cm) x 2.25 in (5.7 cm)
WARRANTY  - Lifetime
WHAT IS IN THE BOX 1 Bino Plate 2 Hex Key 3 Microfiber Pouch