ARVA XV Úlnliðshlífar XV

ARVA XV Úlnliðshlífar XV

ARVA Action Wrist Guard


Verð: 7.900 ISK

WEIGHT 170 g
MATERIAL Neoprene, Plastic

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Freedom of movement – Long plate protection – Support & distribution of shocks

  • 3 Stærðir : Junior, Large/X-Large, Small/Medium
  • Low profile design
  • Combination of PA plates and foaming to protect scaphoids
  • Neoprene sleeve for comfort with top and bottom splints ergonomically shaped for maximum support
  • Limiting broken arm injuries through a combination of 2 protection plates covering wrists and arms
  • 2 straps front & rear to follow wrists range of motion
  • Standard : according to CRITT / PPS-002 protocol (based on EN 14120:2003)